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Nourish Meals On Wheels

Weekdays, bright and early, the day starts with an understanding that the chopping, simmering and a rhythm of serving spoons over the next four hours means hundreds of our neighbors will be fed.

480 seniors receive a meal each weekday — actually there is more need in our communities. But for those we serve, we’re dishing up what’s probably their only hot meal for the day. And for many, this meal will do double-duty as lunch and supper.

For seniors, having the right food can make the difference between a healthy lifespan in their own home or the need for assisted living.

So our chef, kitchen staff and volunteers take extra measure to cover the essentials and add just enough seasoning to bring a little spice of life to those we already serve.

We have the honor of dishing up a daily helping of homemade goodness that’s more than a meal — it’s confirmation that these older neighbors are fed and safe for another day.

Our services provide the independence and security needed to age in place, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

We nourish the body of our seniors because it’s the main course of action that allows them to thrive at home.