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THE MISSION of the Littleton Business Chamber is to serve as a principal representative of businesses in its market area, contribute to its members’ success and prosperity, and promote the economic and civic interests of the community.




December 31, 2020
Board members from the Littleton Business Chamber and the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants Association met this morning with the City of Littleton officials concerning the COVID-19 5 Star Certification Program.
Great news! Arapahoe County will be downgrading to Level Orange Safer at Home on Monday. Regulations are as follows (some restrictions may vary depending upon the industry or location): Houses of Worship: Up to 25% capacity, or 50 people. Gyms: Up to 25% capacity, or 25 people indoors; up to 10 people outdoors. Restaurants: Up to 25% capacity, or 50 people indoors.
We had a great conversation on the 5 Star Program.
Our understanding of this program includes:
• The portal is live on the Arapahoe County website to apply for the certification.
· Certification is a one-time application process with one inspection. Once you receive your certification, further inspections will only be needed if complaints are filed with Arapahoe County or Tri-County Health Dept.
· Once you have the certification; you have the opportunity to operate at a level below what the county has mandated on the Covid dial Dashboard. For example, if Arapahoe County is operating at an Orange Level- with certification your business could operate a Yellow Level. This could be especially important if we do go back to a Red Level as this would ensure you could maintain indoor dining or level Orange restrictions. (Yellow level- restaurant 50% capacity, 11pm closure, 6’ distancing, gyms 25%, indoor events up to 100)
· The only time the certification becomes void is if the County were to go to Level Purple; all businesses will close.
Our FAQ’s
Is Arapahoe County guaranteed to move to level orange on Monday? Yes, per the this article.…/colorado-coronavirus…/
Is there any protection against potentially retaliatory employees or customers who may report a false compliance issue in order to have a business decertified? Not from a legal standpoint. That’s why we do education on the first call and require visual verification prior to issuing a written warning – see the compliance/enforcement process here.
Can a business chose to decertify themselves? Yes. It’s a voluntary program, just would need to send an email.
Our recommendation is to complete the 5 Star Certification application and receive the certificate to place in your business window to build Consumer Confidence and help you to keep your businesses open at red levels or lower.
We will be meeting with City Officials weekly and will continue to reach out with more information.
Please share any concerns or questions with us and we will take them to our meeting.
We wish you all a Happy New Year and we look forward to getting back to business!
Pat Dunahay – Littleton Business Chamber
Kal Murib – Littleton Business Chamber
Drew Lang- Littleton Business Chamber
Korri Lundock – Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants Association

December 17, 2020

To Our Members:

We wanted to pass along Holiday Greetings to all of you and let you know about a recent development that the Chamber has been advocating for, to support business in Littleton.

On Friday 12/11/2020 your Littleton Business Chamber in conjunction with the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants (HDLM) met to see how we might assist our restaurant and gym members getting reopened safely. A letter was drafted, essentially, in support of adopting the “5-Star” Certification Program allowing qualifying businesses to remain open at 50% capacity. We have included the letter below. This endeavor was started by the Mesa County Public Health office and the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce.

While HDLM’s goal is getting downtown Littleton re-opened, the Littleton Business Chamber’s scope is much wider as we support all of Littleton – especially our members.

We have received positive feedback regarding this request at the state, city and county levels, and while we’re not quite there yet the wheels seem to be in motion to make this happen. Also, this is beginning to look like a fairly large undertaking, and we may be coming to our members asking for your help once we know all of the details of this new program.

This year has been exceptionally difficult to say the least, and we look forward to a time in the very near future where we can gather and discuss how we can help your business be more successful.


The Littleton Business Chamber

Support Littleton Business!
Social distance, self-imposed quarantines, and state ordered closures are good for community health during the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak, but it’s toxic for many of our Chamber members. Fear is keeping people away from small retail and service businesses.

Here are some things you can do to show your support:
• Purchase a gift card from your favorite bar, restaurant, service provider, or retailer now to use at a later date (any dollar amounthelps)
• Take advantage of take out, curb side service, or delivery from local restaurants
• Curb side service or delivery from supply stores and retailers
• Shop local online
• Take advantage of sales and discounts
• Comment on and share social media posts – show your support

The Littleton Business Chamber encourages you to support our community and each other.


The Littleton Business Chamber is a dedicated group of successful local businesses and business leaders invested in the welfare of the City of Littleton with a desire to see the community thrive for generations to come. The Chamber desires to be a resource and a constructive voice for businesses and organizations large and small, within the City of Littleton.