GraceFull Community Cafe

We believe in the beauty of simplicity and food that is friendly in your own kitchen. Our small menu is a fresh curated selection of our favorite recipes, with unique specials every single day. For breakfast, we offer our amazing burrito or burrito bowl, homemade granola with fruit and yogurt, a daily pastry, and a daily special. For lunch, we have a sandwich and salad option that changes every month, as well as a daily special. In the winter we also have soup, which rotates weekly. We also take pride in being a craft coffee shop serving Huckleberry coffee, latte, cappuccino, americano, mocha and chai.

We continue to invite and welcome people into our community, and love them just the way they are — one meal at a time. While there are many ups and downs to this journey, the journey is more than worthwhile. It is a privilege. We’re so thankful for your journeying with us.