Littleton Business Chamber


October 19, 2017

Keith Taylor, Board member, welcomed attendees at 6:00 p.m. at the Platte River Bar and introduced Steve Werges, President of the Littleton Business Chamber (LBC).

Steve Werges, President explained what LBC represents to the Littleton community. Volunteers and directors were encouraged to participate. The website, Littletonbusinesschamber.org, has launched. Steve referenced upcoming priorities of the LBC, including city elections, improving permits, historic designations. Ballot initiatives 2C and 2D were explained.

Chad Hammet, Board member, encouraged attendees to vote yes on 2C and 2D and described their impact on Littleton in additional detail and discussed applying business thought process to improve and unify the city reflecting no additional taxes.

Kal Marib, Treasurer, shared that $18,000 has been received to date from the Littleton community and attendees were encouraged to join. The purpose of the non-profit LBC was explained by Kal who also shared that a direct mail encouraging attendees to vote yes on 2C and 2D and that the website continues to be under construction. Attendees were thanked for their support and the goal of 50 members by the end of the calendar year. Input was encouraged.

Pat Dunahay, Vice President, recognized the strong relationship with the city of Littleton and council members were introduced: Debbie, Kyle, EDC person. Invitations were requested for speaking, cultivating relationships and emails were requested for monthly newsletter. Upcoming events were shared, including the holiday party on December XX, 2017 of which details will be shared. Pat also listed the membership levels; $495 – large business, $250 small business and $100 individual membership and large corporate/governmental agencies $2,500.00

There being no further business at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Werges